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Performance Evaluation of a Modified ECG De-noising Technique Using Wavelet Decomposition and Threshold Method

According to recent survey due to drastically changing weather and unhealthy lifestyle, irrespective of age people are suffer from different health issues, among them heart related diseases are very common. So to prevent some emergency health hazards due to such kind of diseases distant and continuous health monitoring is very useful, but due to lack of expert intervention both processes are very sensitive to noise. So our aim is to get a noise free medical data through above said processes to treat a patient properly. In this work experimental signal data is chosen from a 12 lead noisy ECG database which is formed using a MATLAB coded program by taking noisy and clear data from MIT-BIH noise stress test database and CSE clear ECG database respectively. Generated noisy ECG signals are decomposed using wavelet decomposition. Distorted coefficients generated during the process are recovered using threshold technique and the de-noised signal is achieved using changed coefficients. After de-noising process amplitude and duration of different segments and intervals of de-noised ECG signals for several SNR values and also for clear ECG signals are obtained by running an ECG feature extraction program developed in MATLAB. Compare both parameters to study the performance of the whole de-noising procedure, Again sensitivity, predictivity and detection accuracy are checked for each de-noised data for different SNR values and represent them graphically to detect the accuracy of the process.

De-noising, Wavelet, Decomposition, Threshold, Reconstruction

APA Style

Sucharita Mitra Sarkar, Priyanka Samanta. (2023). Performance Evaluation of a Modified ECG De-noising Technique Using Wavelet Decomposition and Threshold Method. Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 11(4), 89-98.

ACS Style

Sucharita Mitra Sarkar; Priyanka Samanta. Performance Evaluation of a Modified ECG De-noising Technique Using Wavelet Decomposition and Threshold Method. J. Electr. Electron. Eng. 2023, 11(4), 89-98. doi: 10.11648/j.jeee.20231104.12

AMA Style

Sucharita Mitra Sarkar, Priyanka Samanta. Performance Evaluation of a Modified ECG De-noising Technique Using Wavelet Decomposition and Threshold Method. J Electr Electron Eng. 2023;11(4):89-98. doi: 10.11648/j.jeee.20231104.12

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